Astera Mortezai

Installaties, Interactieve kunst, Performance, Tekenkunst en Videokunst

“De confrontatie met andere talen en de veelvuldigheid van culturen zijn een constante in Mortezai’s werk”

The Power of Braids

2023 Performance Art A performance for “WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM”’ in solidarity with iranian women, museum_gouda,

Stille Schreeuw

2022 Live Performance, ca. 40 minuten Patterns on large rolling stamps are printed on installed papers.

Only my body carries me

2022 200 x 135 x 130 cm Fabric, metal, neon lights, drawing, embroidery Traces of memories and feelings are embroidered on a drawing of a ribcage and its patterns. Foto: Nicolas Manenti

Sweet Civilisations

2022-heden 30 x 20 x 3 cm Installation made of molded candy bricks made of sugar She makes candy molds based on old Mesopotamian motives found in Saqiz, her hometown. these artefacts have been stolen or damaged over the centeries.

Buddy Bodies

2020 variabel afmetingen Papier maché Serie of sculptures. Buddy Body is a sculpture of a body, in every possible sense, geology, biology, or astronomy.

Monsieur Loyal

2022 160 x 140 x 50 cm The hologram of a master of ceremonies signals the start of a fictitious discussion between two sculptures of hands, adorned with fancy sleeves. See video: https://www.asteramortezai.com/monsieur-loyal

Buddy Bodies in the woods