Nicolas Manenti

Installaties, Tekenkunst en Videokunst


2023 400 x 450 x 250 cm wood, metal, chair legs There is the idea of a standardized environment which is slowly collapsing in madness.

Collision Boundary

2022 180 x 160 x 120 cm Wood, polyester, metal, varnish Three tables collide to form a chaotic landscape, colonized by tiny flag pins.


2021 320 x 100 x 260 cm Wood, metal, plexiglas, Microphones, amplifiers, paint Moot is made of two collided pulpits, surmounted by a barricade. The art of debate is experienced with the interlocutors out of sight.

Apparent Signs, from the series Lieblos Zusammengepresst

2022 130 x 100 cm Lacker, marker and pen on paper

Taphonomy III ( Participatie)

2022 20 pieces, 28 x 24 cm (total) Acrylic and wax on birch wood The dutch work law is engraved on a plank, sawed in 20 pieces. A Q-R code allows the buyers to contact the artist to reconstruct the work.

Timelines (01 Jan. 1985 – 31 Dec. 2024)

2020 243 x 367 cm Stamp ink on wall, four colours Six stamps are used to make a 40 years long chronicle of every date that is possible to stamp with them. The list stutters, as several stamps overlap.